5 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Friendship Day

We all know that female friendship deserves a grand celebration every day, but the official U.S. holiday devoted to it happens to fall on September 16th. However arbitrary this date may be, take it and run with it--it’s another reason to obsess over your friends. Your deep, unique, enviable connection is worthy of a full day of devotion, so here are five suggestions for how to spend it.  

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1.     Go on a shopping spree.

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Going on a shopping date with your best friend is always a good idea, because if you’re ever unsure what to choose, your shopping partner is there to give you a nod or a ‘just no.’ Buy that favorite dress you’ve been eyeing for months, or pretend like you’re still in high school and try on some absurd prom dresses together. Stroll around some makeup stalls and get your makeup done, then shop with your new faces on-preferably with some ridiculous eye shadow that will get the laughs going.

2.     Sing your hearts out.

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A karaoke night is definitely a fun bonding experience, and that potential for embarrassment might be just what is needed to get the bonding flowing! Or, save your friends from public humiliation and rent out a private room. If you do, here’s an insider tip: you can avoid expensive cocktails by choosing a karaoke bar that allows you to bring your own wine or alcohol—just google “BYOB private room karaoke” and filter for your area.

3.     Conquer the trail (and the world) together

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If you’ve got some bold outdoorsy pals, perhaps the best way to bond is over a rigorous hike. Conquer some rough trails with your girls while you let loose and openly complain about life, work, and significant others, then share your plans to conquer the world. Let the trails help you and your friends unwind and release any barriers that might have grown up between you if it’s been too long since your last hangout. Then, once you’ve boldly defeated a few miles of difficult terrain together, have a glorious picnic with all of your favorite treats and drinks.

4.     Chill out with a movie marathon

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There’s no better way to end the day than to gather your best friends and watch your favorite movie or TV show all over again. Choose something you’ve all seen and love, because there’s always that one friend who talks through the whole movie. (Let’s be real though: You’re all going to talk through the whole movie.) Prepare some snacks like popcorn, pizza, cupcakes, chips, and maybe more than a little rosé, and get ready for a night full of laughter and recitation of iconic lines.

5.     Reinvigorate your friendship with a yoga class.

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Make a shift from all the crazy nights out and take a morning yoga class with your pals. Tune everything else out and listen to the sound of silence together. The friends that stay healthy together stay together…okay that’s not a real saying, but think about it: for so many female friendships, self-development is one of the recurring topics, and sometimes it’s the way we help each other improve our lives that keep us so deeply connected. Yoga is a great way to celebrate the way women friends nourish, sustain, and reinvigorate each other’s lives.

However you celebrate, pick an activity that feels comfortable and fun for your unique friendship! The ideas in this list are just the tip of the iceberg. Just make sure you don’t let this Women’s Friendship Day go by without showing how much your lady friends matter.

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