Activities to Engage in While Enjoying a Glass of Wine

Nothing beats a day that is spent doing wholesome activities, but it’s even three times the fun when it’s paired with the fiery ardor brought by a glass of wine. A single sip from your wineglass while engaging in one of your favorite pastimes or in a sublime, productive activity will surely let you grab the day by its tail.

Enjoy a Picnic

wine purse

Indulging in a laidback picnic in your own backyard simply needs the warm presence of a wine bottle.  Talk about your wine affairs with a loved one!

Attend a Music Festival

wine purse

By far the most engrossing activity you can do while appreciating the mystic of wines is attending a music festival. Vibe with the music and meet new people! Music + Wine can erase all the wrinkles in your head – it’s a no-brainer magical mash up.

Read a book

wine purse

Reading is sexy but reading with a glass of wine is even more alluring. Take time to sink in the magic of each word and steal some sip of a sparkling or sweet wine – read and sip then get spellbound!

Join Paint 'n' sip event

wine purse

Put your passion in painting and love for wine in one package. By attending paint ‘n’ sip events, you’d not only unleash your color-power but you’ll also enjoy an earnest savor of wine. Not a painter? Don’t sweat – just splash some colors and who knows, you’ll be the next Picasso – thanks to the power of a good wine.

Hold a Movie Marathon

wine purse

Having a stressful day? Let a good movie and an exuberant wine fix that glitch. With a glass of wine by your side, soon, you’ll be in the mood to watch every awful movie there is and it will suck less, swear.


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