Back to school Portovino Style

Hey you Moms (and Dads) out there, can you believe it? Summer is just about over and the kids will be heading back to school soon (if they haven’t already!!) While some of us look forward to getting back to a normal routine - does anyone remember what that means? You know.. drinking your morning coffee without 300 interruptions, or cleaning the house in the morning and actually having it stay that way for a few hours or just having the ability to have a zen moment for just 10 minutes. So whether you are sending your kiddos to kindergarten for the first time (stay strong, you got this) or sending your kids to their senior year, you will have a bunch of new school year activities that are cause for bringing that PortoVino along. Since we are all a little rusty on what a school year entails, so read on to discover a few ways to use your PortoVino back to school style!

First stop - Girlfriend time. That’s right. We are going to help you out on day 1. If you have not planned this already, reach out to your besties, because it is brunch and mimosa time! Drop your little ones off and get together for a well-deserved brunch. Everyone can bring a breakfast item to share and you can bring the PortoVino filled us Mimosas! The Tuscany is the perfect purse to pour sparkling wine* in one beverage pouch and orange juice in the other beverage pouch and you can impress your friends by pouring their mimosas right from your purse. Let’s hope this is one of many girlfriend get togethers throughout the year. *Keep in mind, if you are pouring sparkling beverages from your beverage pouch, you should begin pouring within 1 hour as the carbonation doesn’t like to be trapped for too long.

School events - The start of the school year comes with many activities and events that many of us take part in. From attending PTO meetings to different activities and events we often find ourselves spending a lot of time at our kids schools. Bring your Tokyo backpack - It’s school after all so you need a backpack. Fill it with a cool refreshing beverage - it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. Bring some extra silicone cups as It will most definitely be a great way to strike up a conversation with all those mom’s you haven’t met yet!

Sporting events - Having kids that participate in sports often means crazy schedules of dropping them off to practice and running back and forth to attend their games. So why not head to your kids’ sporting events with a Swankey filled with 3L of chilled water to help keep you and your player hydrated… with 3L you could practically keep the team hydrated.

If you are heading to the high school football games with some friends, you want to dress it up a bit. Pick a PortoVino Classic black and add a scarf with your school colors. I’ll let you decide what to put in there.

Hopefully we got you thinking of some of the ways you can use your PortoVino this school year… and I bet there will be plenty of occasions you will be saying to yourself, ‘Ugghhh, I should’ve brought my PortoVino’. So get those beverage pouches filled up with your favorite drinks and just leave it in the fridge. We recommend having 1 labeled with water, another labeled with your favorite N/A drink and don’t forget the wine pouch.

So when you are running out the door with your unloaded PortoVino (because they really are nice enough to use every day with or without the pouch) you can just stop by the fridge and get it loaded. And bonus, you really will be the envy of all the Moms! So cheers to a great school year for you and your kids!

We hope that this year is filled with less stress and more good times. Always remember to find a little me time as we once again navigate a new school year in these crazy times.


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