Celebrating a Fun Labor Day Weekend

If you’ve been looking for the perfect chill pill in between the year, don’t worry because Labor Day is pretty tailor-made for us Americans to skip work during the start of the busy season! Celebrated every September 3, Labor Day tributes the economic and social successes of American workers. Hence, it is nothing short of meaningful to take time off from the hustle and bustle and crazy work routines. Make this momentous event more entertaining with these fun Labor Day weekend ideas! 

Go to a Concert

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Now that summertime is on its finale, celebrating Labor Day with some good tunes makes for an epic summer ending. Kick-off the weekend with a music festival. Enjoy the vibe with other concert-goers and take in the laid-back melodies while you grab some delightful bites and drinks from the array of local vendors and food trucks around you. Live entertainment is surely more amusing than slacking off at home, especially on Labor Day! Check our your local shows or make a road trip out of it! :) 

Catch-up on Shopping

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But of course, Labor Day also means huge sales! September could be one of the best months to break out the wallet and take advantage of discounted clothes or furniture to start the new season. So, aside from making your tummy happy from all the culinary treats, stack up your home with some new digs.  Also, you may want to look for those American-made pieces - just in the spirt of Labor Day. 

Attend Local Parades

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If you want something more unique, attend parades and other Labor Day events in your local area. This day is about celebrating the importance of the American Labor movement that has shaped every worker’s right in the country. And surely nothing is more fitting than flocking together and sharing happiness with your family, friends, and colleagues! 

Kickback with a BBQ

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After a fulfilling day, the best way to cap off the Labor Day madness is to just relax and have a BBQ party at home with friends and family. Load your table with your favorite grilled dishes and indulge. If you want to make it more memorable, make your family and friends wear all white! (Do you see where we're going with this?) ;) 

Whatever you choose to do this Labor Day weekend, whether you go to a music festival or host a BBQ party, don’t forget to bring your oh-so-handy-and-trendy PortoVino Wine Purse! Now, there’s no reason to skip and sip your favorite drink while enjoying the significant celebration.  Shop yours now!


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