Downsizing your Thanksgiving - Making the Most of Turkey Day

For many of us, this year's Thanksgiving festivities will look different than those of the past. As with everything else that 2020 brought us, Thanksgiving 2020 may come with it’s own challenges and disappointments. But hey, that doesn’t mean it still won’t be a wonderful time. We just may need to reinvent how to Thanksgiving Covid Style. So don’t fret, we have you covered. Let’s celebrate on a smaller scale, enjoy the yummy feast and create some new memories. After all, there is always something we can find to be thankful for!

Consider Hosting a Zoom Thanksgiving- Okay, we know this sounds a little weird but if we can’t be there in person with those we love this year, this may be the next best thing! So you may be wondering what exactly does a Zoom thanksgiving look like right? This is the best part and where memories will really be made. It can literally be anything you want from setting a time with your family and friends to eat together or maybe try setting up a family recipe swap! Decorate and dress up and raise a glass to those near and far. Spread a little of that holiday cheer and create some lasting memories. Simply spending time seeing each other and chatting (even if it has to be virtual) will help us realize how much our family and friends really do mean to us.

Cook and deliver food for those who cannot attend- Are you the one who hosts Thanksgiving and simply love the craziness of getting up at 3am to cook more food than anyone can possibly eat? Do you have family and friends who live nearby? Then consider doing your normal Thanksgiving routine and hand deliver some of those delicious recipes. A perfect way to spread that holiday cheer and let your loved ones know how much you miss them this year. Or how about offering to do a drive up potluck with your friends and family? Sharing a meal is still a cornerstone of many holidays, and anything you can do in that direction takes a bit of the sting out.

Small yet divine Thanksgiving meal- Hosting a smaller and more intimate thanksgiving means no expectations, freedom to do whatever you want which for many amounts to a stress free holiday! (not to mention less dishes to do and less food to buy) Even if your table this year is not filled with all of your friends and family, it doesn't mean that it can't—or shouldn't—be filled with an abundance of food and gratitude. So go ahead and serve up all those delicious Thanksgiving goodies that your immediate family members crave and simply enjoy the company of the ones you are with. Don’t forget to put up some photos of Thanksgiving of year’s past so you can remember and be grateful for all the people you have in your life.

Do something special - No question about it, the holidays will be different this year! Take this as a time to create memories that will be with you and your family for quite some time. Finding that way to add a sense of togetherness is the key and that can be done with Zoom, Facetime or simply calling your loved ones. Maybe take the family and drive around and look at Christmas lights. Maybe have the kids help cook some new recipes- after all this is the perfect year to try something new. Create the Thanksgiving you always wanted to have with your immediate family.

We have so much to be thankful for this year and while Thanksgiving 2020 will look different for most of us, we hope that you will have a great day. Cheers to you and your family and know that at PortoVino, one thing we are all grateful for - is you! We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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