Easter Pairing: Candies And Wines

So, what’s inside your Easter basket? From eggs to chocolate bunnies to jelly beans, one could always anticipate for an overly sweet celebration during Easter. To create a striking balance while munching on your favorite Easter candy, why not pair them with some some good wine? Wine and candies can make for an unbeatable pairing! Can you believe that?

Chocolate Bunnies & Merlot

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The perfect pair to your sweet and smooth chocolate bunnies is a glass of Merlot. The fruity vibe with a vein of tannin holds up pretty well with the deep milk chocolate profile. So, the next time you enjoy these adorable bunny treats, you will be ecstatic with the soft, creamy combination, courtesy of Merlot’s smooth and sweet character.

Reese’s Eggs & Syrah

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A serious Easter staple that shouldn’t be missed out, Reese Eggs are best devoured with a wine called Syrah. With the chocolate and peanut butter fusion, you need a big, full wine to stand up its richness. Syrah are full-bodied wines with dark fruit flavors that match well with high-protein meals or snacks like peanut.

Jelly Beans & Dry Riesling

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Looking for something to pair these classic and colorful jelly beans? You’ll never go wrong with the fruity flavor and floral aroma of a dry Riesling. All will be great with whatever color you pick― red, green, pink, blue, green, and orange. But just skip the black licorice (does anyone even bother eating those?)

Robin Eggs & Oregon Pinot Noir

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The malty flavor from Robin Eggs blends perfectly with the light-bodied and lush texture of Oregon Pinot Noir. With just the right character to fuse with the sweet, milky malt taste of the colorful eggs, this wine will soon be on your favorite list.

Peeps & Prosecco

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A cult favorite during Easter, the vibrant and spongy Peeps will never be alone again with the help of a glass of Prosecco. This wine is very food-friendly and goes well with almost everything in your Easter basket. The tingle and crunch of these cute little friends is best served with a chilled sparkling Prosecco.


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