Fashion Tips to make you look and feel great

How often do we look in our closet and think we have nothing to wear.  We can try on a dozen different outfits and nothing is doing it for us.  It is not generally due to a lack of clothes in the closet, but somehow the thought of putting on the same old outfits just does not make us feel great.  Good news is feeling great on that special outing or important meeting does not always require an expensive trip to the store. Sometimes you just have to find the right accessories to make that outfit in your closet pop.  Let’s take a look at some fashion tips to make you look and feel great even with the same clothes but maybe some different accessories!


If your closet has a lot of solid colors, these tips could be just what you need.  Everyone has the little black dress and the neutral pants or jeans along with a variety of tops.  We try them on and although all the pieces are cute, the outfit falls flat. Sometimes we need to revitalize the look by adding color and accessorizing. Add a splash of color with accessories like scarves, purses, jewelry, belts and shoes. 



The scarf is such a versatile accessory. You should have a few in your closet to spruce up your outfits.  They will not break the bank, and there are so many styles to choose from and things to do with them. Scarves come in many different materials, lengths, patterns, and colors and each will give you a different look. You can wear them in your hair, tied around your neck, or hanging with a variety of interesting knots to add creativity.  The key is to allow it to be your accent and it can make your outfit pop. Your little black dress or even a tee with your favorite distressed jeans will be completely transformed. The right scarf can add any you look you are going for from sophisticated to bohemian. Be sure to check our PortoVino purse scarves that not only add a splash of color but have cute themes and are perfect for your hair, neck or purse… sorry for the plug, but we are trying to help out on the fashion tips!  Check out this fun guide from on how to tie a Hermes scarf. Hint… this applies to any brand scarf, but never bad to get tips using the best. 



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Jewelry is such a fun accent, and there are so many types of jewelry to choose from. There is something for every mood, personality, and pocketbook. You should always have a variety to choose from depending on your mood and outfit.  You can go from bold, large, and outlandish to delicate and understated. The important thing when choosing jewelry is that you love it and that it matches the style you are going for. For example, if you are going out with friends for the day, you might be feeling playful, so add some fun, colorful jewelry to match.  If you are going on an interview, and are wearing a pantsuit, you might want to add a drop pearl/gemstone necklace for an understated sophistication to go with your button down or conversely if you are wearing a classic dress, you might want to go bold with your jewelry to give your outfit some pop. Have fun with it and it will shine through!

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Belts are another fun way to add some pop that will leave  you feeling extra chic. We put a belt on and don’t think of it as making a statement. The right belt, if worn correctly, can add all sorts of pizzaz to your outfit.  If you are looking for your belt to make a statement, go for bigger, bolder, and add in some bling and chains or scarves. You can even wear it over your shirt and let it be an accent to your look. Check out this article from Harper’s Bazaar.

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Such an important category and yet I am linking them together.  These are the finishing touches that are so critical! When it comes to shoes, the sky's the limit. You can add any type of shoe to transform your look....converse, stilettos, name it! This is your world!. Just a change in the shoe, will transform your look from play day to night out.  The right shoe will make you feel like a million dollars, so put your best foot forward! The same is true for the right purse or bag. If you have the perfect outfit on for an evening out and you select a clunky everyday purse, the outfit doesn’t have the same look. On the other hand, grab a cute clutch  and you’ve just added another luxe factor. With shoes and purses, there are so many wonderful designs depending on your style, your mood, and the occasion. Check out PortoVino’s assortment of purses to help make a statement.


At PortoVino we believe there is no right or wrong.  If you are looking to take your look from great to fabulous, look into accessories and don’t be afraid to add bold color and different styles to work with your style and mood. As long as you ‘do you’ and it makes you feel spectacular, you’ve done it right!  






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