Fun Things to do to Enjoy Autumn

That crisp feeling of fall is here for a bit longer. It is such a beautiful time of the year to enjoy as there are many unique fall activities.  If you have kids, you have undoubtedly slipped into the school routine and are in full fledged taxi driver mode getting them from here to there on time. Before we let this wonderful time of year fly by, we thought we would put a list of things to do to enjoy this Autumn either with a group of friends, your bestie or significant other or the whole family.

PortoVino Wine Bag fall Activities

It’s Pumpkin Season

Find a local pumpkin patch where you can actually go on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin.  Whether it be the biggest, the bumpiest or the most perfectly round, there is something fun about picking out a pumpkin and dreaming up how you are going to carve it.

Grab your PortoVino backpack and fill it with some apple cider for the hunt and then you have the backpack to help you carry your pumpkin.

Hay Rides

Hayrides are a fun way to get together with friends and family and bump along some country roads while sitting on barrels of hay.  If you like being spooked, this is a great time of the year to find a haunted hayride as well.

Take along your PortoVino City Tote and fill it with some hot cider and snacks to keep warm during the chilly night.

Apple Picking

There’s nothing better than a juicy apple picked right from the tree. Find a local orchard where you can pick your own apples, grab some friends or your family and a couple of barrels and start picking. This is a fun way to pass an afternoon, and you will have delicious apples to enjoy.

This is a perfect PortoVino backpack excursion as you can fill it with a crisp chardonnay to share and you can fill it with your apples to take home or if you are going with your kids, bring along the Tuscany Double pour, so you can pack some chardonnay for the adults and apple cider for the kids.

 PortoVino Wine Bags Fall Activities

Bike the Fall Colors

Grab some bikes, pack a picnic lunch and go for a ride through the beautiful changing leaves.  Stop at a picnic stop or if you have a blanket, make your own  picnic stop. Enjoy your friends/family and the fresh air while you chat, play games and sip on a glass of rose.

This is a PortoVino backpack must bring again.  This will not only store and pour your rose but the entire picnic lunch.

Tailgate Your Local Football Game

What better way to enjoy the fall than to tailgate a football game. We have the complete list of things to bring  here. Plan on an afternoon of fun.

The PortoVino Tuscany double pour will be the bag to bring here. You can look fashionable and pour 2 different drinks to accommodate the adults and kids in the group.

 Visit a Fall Festival

There are so many fall festivals this time of the year and they all have their own variations of fall activities. You can find pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hayrides, arts and crafts, live entertainment and more.  It is a great way to get into the spirit of autumn.

Bring along the PortoVino Paris for a classy look yet plenty of room to put all your new finds.

Visit a Winery

With the changing colors, the vineyards are a great go to place to enjoy the fall and sip on your favorite vino.  Check out some of the best wine regions around the country to see the fall colors  here.

Whatever you do, just make sure to enjoy the season, get some fresh air and have some fun with family and friends!




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