Fun ways to keep the family entertained during the CoronaVirus

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean we have to go completely bonkers with boredom. As our lives shift and we are not leaving our homes for weeks at a time, we are all scrambling to find new ways to keep our families entertained and to avoid us depleting our wine supply :) Here are some ideas that might help keep the boredom at bay and who knows you may even create some amazing memories with the ones you love and treasure the most.

Grab some board games and let the family bonding begin

Think about it, when was the last time you were forced to slow down and spend time at home? Make the best of the worst of times and create some lasting bonding moments with your family.  Tap into your inner child ( you know those days without technology) and pull out some of those classic games you loved as a kid like Clue, Monopoly and Card games. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try some new games, we have some ideas for you, after all Amazon is still shipping.
Suspend - This balancing game is fun for all ages. For the little ones it helps with fine motor skills and for the older ones it encourages them to use their brains and think about weight and balance.
Apples to Apples - This comparison game is great for the family, but your youngsters must be able to read. Come up with fun comparisons and challenge each other which is best.
Taboo  - This race game is great for the older kids as players race to describe as many words as possible without using the taboo words.
Spontuneous - Great for a family full of people who just love to be silly and sing (no talent required), check out. Simple fun game that provides a lot of laughs as you get to listen to your family belt out their favorite songs.
Gnoments  We discovered these cute little gnomes and they are fun for the whole family.  They are reminders to be thoughtful to one another and are a great addition to any family while we are all cooped up.

If you need a new twist on any of your games to make it more exciting, let your kids make up their own rules and see where that takes you. Bottom line, have some fun with the family and get creative.


Movie time

Dying to get out and see some of the latest new releases at the movie theaters? Did you know that many of the major Hollywood studios are offering on demand of new releases? For $31.95, you can stream the movie at home and transform your living room into a movie theater. Pop some popcorn, grab those snuggly blankets and bond with the family. Plan for movie night and grab some of everyone’s favorite candy, but here is a special healthy treat that will replace the need for that much-loved movie candy. Grab a baking sheet, spread out some grapes so they are not touching and freeze them overnight. Place them in small Ziploc bags and pass them out to fulfill those movie candy cravings.  And of course, don’t forget those adult beverages as well.


Start a family art project

Keep their creativity flowing and use this time to start a family art project. No matter the ages of the kids at home, there is an art project that they will sure get excited about. From finger painting with the little ones, to arts and crafts all the way to drawing contests with the older kids, this is a great way to get the family engaged and having fun. One cute idea we love for those with younger kids is creating a puppet show. Create the puppets, set up the stage and let their imagination run wild as they put on a performance for you. Wondering what to do with teenagers who are just “so” bored being at home? Create some lanterns made of wine bottles, make planters out of old tires, make flowers from paper, or even some mason jar candles. Take this time and find a way to get ingenious to create some great one of a kind family art.


Set aside a little ME time

Lastly, don’t forget about you! No question about it, our lives are being changed and we are slowly adapting to the new normal (hopefully just for a few weeks). Take a few minutes each day just for yourself. Here are some ideas:  Take a long bath; give yourself a mani or pedi; go for a walk; try some different makeup ideas; or, just grab a glass of your favorite wine and head outdoors and enjoy the quiet. If you need more than one glass or someone is joining you, fill up your Portovino Wine Purse and remember that you got this. We will get through this- one day at a time. 


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