How to Wear Sparkles on NYE without Feeling like a Disco Ball

If we’re all being honest here, the only place I truly appreciate sparkle is in my wine glass. But, on the occasion that I get the need to scratch my sequin fix, I like to keep it somewhat discreet but still available for all to appreciate.

Here’s a few ideas for achieving the perfect mix of sparkly and subtle.


Muted Sequin Dress

Muted color sequin

If you’re going to go full on, head-to-toe sequins, try a less ‘flashy’ color on for size. This beautiful, albeit horrendously expensive halter from Jason Wu is the perfect holiday color but still eye and light-catching.

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Detailed Backside

Detail your Backside

No, I don’t mean your bum, but hey more power to ya if that’s your route! No need to give it all away in the front when you can sneak in some action behind you. It feels less obvious and sneakily sexy. Consider an LBD with a low back line with a necklace that drops down your back. Or check out this LBD from St. John, unassuming in the front with a lil’ sass on the flipside.

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Penton Pant

The Little Things

Little details = big differences. A shiny set of cufflinks (yes, for you too, ladies!) or unique rhinestone brooch draws the eye to wherever it is that you might want it. Unexpected attention to detail always gives me that ‘damn why didn’t I think of that!’ impression and who doesn’t love feeling a. Hot and b. Clever. A suit jacket with a silver satin pocket square and rhinestone cufflinks is beautiful on any human. Just add a crisp white shirt and some tailored, high-waisted trousers (like these) and even Victoria Beckham better watch herself.

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Sequin Trousers

Mix Your Trends

Just because you’re wearing a saucy black mini doesn’t mean you have to add a fancy stiletto to complete the look. Fashion kicks are totally on trend this year and paired with an LBD or anything extra sparkly can bring another unexpected layer of interest. For example, these killer pants with the classic all-white converse and white satin cami. You’ve covered all the bases, sexy, sparkly and classic, plus Hello, Comfort! PS, check out these new Nike AF1, they alone are a force to be reckoned with!

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Nike Air Force - stars

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Adele Hair Clip

Keep it Top/Bottom

I have to say, I’m not one to invest in an article of clothing that is entirely composed of sequins or rhinestones knowing that it may only see the light of day twice in my lifetime. Therefore, I stick to accessories. And when I do, I try to abide by the Head And/Or Toe Rule. I know, I know, I’ve mentioned LBDs in excess this blog but I do so because they are such a versatile staple that makes everyone feel good in their skin. And they are the perfect vessel for all things accessory. So when I do jazz up my one-of-many LBDs, it’s with a few metallic hair pins or some sparkly hair foliage up top and a great silver zipper-detailed pump on bottom. Leaving the dress in the middle to speak for itself and eliminating any fashion palate fatigue.

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Beyonce Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a badass, larger-than-life earring. Jeans and a white T, chandelier earrings. Joggers and a slouchy sweater, chandelier earrings. Christmas onesie, definitely chandelier earrings. And one of the greatest things about these earrings is that they come is all shapes and sizes so you can truly find ones that speak to you and your style. I mean, check out Beyonce in these amazing Slinky earrings!

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And ya know what, if you want to go all out, head-to-toe sparkly and that makes you feel good, GO FOR IT. We all deserve to feel beautiful and if that means wearing a matching sequin hat with your sequin jumpsuit, then go for it! Just be you and let yourself shine, however shiney that may be.


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