Keep Your Wine as Cold as Ice

"Always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for a special occasion- you know, like a Wednesday."


Summer Cocktail of the Week

Jump straight into the heart of summer with this bright and cheery mix of refreshing fruit, sparkling undertones, and a splash of an extra special ingredient (aka our friend tequila) from the genius minds at Half Baked Harvest!


On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than a chilled glass of wine to cool you off.  But the question always seems to remain: How do I keep my wine cool, even as the heat blazes?
Don't fret- we have the answer for you!  Read on to discover a number of easy, affordable ways to keep your wine cool and your summers bright!


1. Ice Bucket

Perhaps the simplest, most traditional way to keep your wine cool but we have a simple hack for you- add salt to the water in the metal bucket before you place your bottles inside of it.  This will keep your wine cooler for longer.

2. Chill It Bag 

These nifty Chill It Bags from Bella Vita Bags make it extra easy to keep your bottles and favorite beverages cold- without losing out on style! (Because we all know we need to hold onto as many style points as possible!) Simply freeze the bag and then place your bottle inside of it for a chill that lasts for hours.

3. Automated Wine Cooler

This is the new and improved version of the traditional ice bucket previously mentioned. Basically a little fridge, the Cooper automated wine cooler can hold a bottle or two while allowing you to maintain a temperature of your choosing.

4. PortoVino Wine Tote

The brand new PortoVino bag is ever-rising in popularity! With a stylish leather or canvas exterior, a bladder to keep your beverage of choice cool, and a spout for easy pouring and access, this tote has it all!

5. Cork Circle Wine Host

These nifty gadgets allow your wine to be instantly cooled with little effort from you! Simply place the wine host in the bottle and your drink will be cooled as you pour!


6. Big Ice Spheres

These giant orbs of ice from Bella Vita Bags will not only keep your beverages of choice cold but will also add a unique elegance and grace to your summer drink of the day.


7. Whiskey Ice Rocks 

These stylish ice rocks can be refrozen time and time again to keep your drink cool for long periods without the issue of melting that comes with traditional ice cubes.



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