Must have Summer hats!

As with all activities, there are some must-have items when we prep for our days in the sun — sunscreen, beach towel, PortoVino (we know you won’t forget the wine), and of course the obligatory sun hat.  The Sun hat is always such a fun accessory because we can go from sporty to fashionable depending on the look you want to achieve. We have put together some of the trendiest summer hats that will make you feel like a million bucks — while doing a great job of keeping the sun off your face so you can sip away on your rosé. Take a peek at some fun summer hats that will compliment any summer outfit and occasion!

  1. Foldable Beach Straw Hats - A summer classic for sure! These straw hats fold nicely so that they can be packed in your PortoVino Beach Tote or any Bag and are ideal for a day on the beach, the park or just for taking a stroll in the neighborhood. Not only are these hats a summer staple but they are great for sun protection and keeping your head cool. Straw hats come in so many different styles from Cowgirl look to Elegant Socialite. One of our favorite straw hats for the season that we just simply adore can be found right here

  2. summer fedora
    - Most Fedoras already have a brim of at least 2.5 inches which provides plenty of protection from the sun. When choosing the right hat to match your personality it is a good idea to stick to fedoras that are made from a thick and tightly woven fabric and this will help keep your head cooler and not allow the sun in.  We simply just love this one as it has sunblock to make sure your head is extra protected and has a pop of color!

  3. woven sun hat fashion
    Extra large wide brimmed hats
    - These hats are super cute, so much fun and provide a ton of great shade given the extra large brim. There are so many great styles to choose from and they come in a variety of colors and fabrics. When shopping for a summer hat keep in mind that the bigger the brim the better the protection.  Some are wavy brimmed and some are straight, so feel free to go with the design that matches your unique style. Feel like you just stepped off the runway with these ultra stylish (and great protection for your face and ears) summer fun hats.  Once you start shopping for them, it is hard to pick, but here is a favorite:

  4. Adorable bucket hats - We simply love these! Super old school hats that have gotten a modern update and are taking the fashion world by storm. These hats can be found in a plethora of bold colors and patterns and are just super fun (and not to mention adorable). When choosing your hat, it is recommended that you have at least a 2-3 inch brim that goes all the way around as this will help protect your face as well as your ears. Here is a little tip: choose a dark underside to the brim which helps to keep UV rays away from your face. Here is one that we just love-

  5. Floppy hats - Who just doesn’t love one of these adorable floppy hats? Similar in style to straw hats just made of fabric instead of straw. Provide a great level of sun protection and you’ll look absolutely sun-sational!

The best thing about summer hats is that they are so versatile and yet each one sets off a different vibe, so you can’t just have one if you want to finish your outfit off just right.  So grab one of your favorite summer hats and pair it with one of our adorable new summer wine totes and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day in the sun. Summer is meant to be carefree and fun and we know you will look absolutely fabulous while protecting your face from the sun’s rays.  Let’s toast to the warm days ahead.

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