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"Don't worry everyone, it's ok to drink white after Labor Day"



Fall Cocktail of the Week

Summer Sangria with Watermelon and Pineapple

There are only a few more weeks left of summer- meaning there is only so much time left to get all of your summer cocktail needs fulfilled! Turn to this sweet sangria from What the Fork blog for a delicious summer treat while it's still warm!



Every year as summer dwindles, block parties and cook-outs are held by all.  But how do you keep your budget while throwing great fall parties? We have found a list of the most affordable- yet delectable- alcoholic beverages on the market and they're perfect for your next party!


BlackBox Chardonnay 2016

  • A very solid Chardonnay for anyone who loves to sit down to a glass of wine each night.  This delicious variety is both classy in its looks and in its flavors and is perfect for any party or wine night. And the best part? It goes for just $10.00 a bottle or $39.95 for three liters! 

The White Knight Viogneir 2014

  • This selection has a beautiful fruit-packed flavor without being too powerful.  It also pairs perfectly with any food or meat that you may serve during your next fall cook-out or party.  And each bottle only goes for $19.95!

Husch Dry Gewurztraminer 2016

  • This variety has an incredibly light and fresh flavor and is easy-to-drink, making it especially perfect for your next party or cook-out! And at only $23.95, this deal really couldn't get any better!


Genesee Cream Ale

  • If you're looking for cheap beer of a different variety than the typical cheap domestic beers you see at fall parties, then look no further. This beer has the flavor of an ale and the smooth texture of a lager.  Enjoy!


  • This selection has a timeless and traditional taste, especially for a cheaper beer.  It feels light in your mouth and has a crisp taste to it. The perfect beer for your next party plan.


  • This beer has a full taste and never tastes watered down, despite having ice in its name.  The best part? It's incredibly refreshing for a warm fall day and it fits into a small party budget.


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