Pool Party Essentials

Summer means endless pool parties and beach escapades. If you have decided to host a pool party or attend one, then you need to be ready for the things to bring. From bar floats to towels to sunscreen, here is the ultimate list of pool party essentials for a memorable sunny season occasion.

Pool Floats

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First on the list are the trendy (and useful!) swan floats. These are the holy grail for pool parties, especially for those non-swimmers out there. There are tons of pool floats with different designs and sizes so you’ll never run out of options.

Inflatable Bar

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But of course, inflatable bars are pool party staples. This is where you conveniently put your cocktails and snacks so that you don’t have to get out of the pool when you want to have a break. If you want a more functional and fun bar float, you can have the floating beer pong and play your favorite beer game in the pool.

Frozen Cocktails

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Nothing beats a frozen drink during a sun-drenched pool party. These chilled refreshments know how to beat the spring and summer heat. Unleash your creative side and serve some popsicle cocktails and frozen sangria to everyone.

Waterproof Speaker

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A pool party will never be complete without your favorite tunes. Make sure that you opt for a waterproof and floatable speaker because water wars are very much expected. Turn up the volume and have a blast!


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The significance of sunscreen is as important as all the listed essentials. That means it’s definitely a no-no going out under the sun without any sunscreen. Always make it a habit to put sun protection on your face and body every time you go out, especially on a sunny day.


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Swimming all day long is fun but you may want to dry yourself in between or after your pool session. Pool towels do you a favor. Choose absorbent, lightweight and trendy towels to keep you comfortable. 

Barbecue Grill and Cooler

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Other must-haves during a pool party are barbecue grills and coolers. Nothing goes better with a pool party than the smell of a barbecue with your favorite outdoor snacks like burgers and hot dogs.  Pick a portable grill and cooler so that you can easily bring it along and the party never has to stop.




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