Refreshing Rosé Wine Ideas

If you’re running out of ideas for your rosé wines, then it’s time to unleash these rosé chronicles into your kitchen. Make the most out of these beautiful pinks and create some refreshing treats that are worth the splurge.


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Frozen rosé wine equals frosé. All you need for this rather popular and ‘Instagrammable’ cold treatㅡ frozen rosé wine, sugar and lemon juice. Combine all three and you’ll have your new favorite wine drink in a heartbeat.

Rosé Wine Jelly With Berries

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Jellied rosé wines with berries are not just appealing but also tasty and refreshing. This healthy wine delight is ideal for summer parties. Pair this one with your favorite cookie or cake and you’re off to have the sweetest and most satisfying wine session of your life.

Raspberry  Rosé Sorbet

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Let go of same old and boring frozen dessert and go for something unique and delectable like that of a raspberry rosé sorbet. This simple yet undeniably tempting combination of rosé wine, raspberries and sugar is all you need for a hot afternoon.

Drunken Strawberries

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If you want to try something new, then you gotta make these drunken strawberries as soon as possible. Dip your pink berries into a rosé wine then toss them on a sugar platter, and ta-da, you’ll soon be asking yourself why you haven’t tried these rosé marinated strawberries before.

Rosé Popsicles

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Perfect for some hot afternoon cravings, these rosé popsicles infused with berries are very easy to make. You don’t need to be an expert baker to do this as long as you have the main ingredientsㅡ rosé wine, berries, popsicle mold and sticks.

Rosé Wine Sangria

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Admit it, sangrias are the ideal fruity summer drinks you wouldn’t want to miss. But instead of taking the classic red wine, why not replace it with a pink version for a powerful and sweet kick. These rosé wine sangrias look very pretty and engaging for your soul.


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