The perfect summer send off: A great Labor day Party and everything you need to make it memorable

Saying goodbye is never easy, and this is especially the case as we bid adieu to those long lazy days in the sun. While we all dream of an endless summer, there is no denying the fact that Labor Day is just around the corner. With the crazy year we have had, we think it is time to plan a great Labor Day party and make it one with lasting memories. After all, Labor Day is the perfect excuse to grab your favorite beverage, relax with some friends, and simply enjoy the long weekend. YOU deserve it!  Here are some ideas to make it extra special!

Backyard BBQ - Fire up the grill, grab your close friends and simply chill in the backyard. A great sendoff to summer and an awesome excuse to show off those cooking skills (while you get to use that grill one last time). Pair that with some simple and easy food (and of course some amazing drinks) that you can make ahead of time and keep your guest’s tummies full.


Pooltime Fun - The worst part of summer ending is closing up the pool for the season, so why not have one more epic game of water tag with some friends. Or throw some pool noodles in the pool and watch the fun begin (get the camera ready). Prefer something more low-key, just invite your guests to take a dip in the pool, throw some rafts in the water, and simply soak up the rays. Talk about relaxing.

Dance, Dance, Dance - Of course no backyard party would be complete without some good tunes. Have a small area cleared (away from the pool, please!) for the dance floor. Play a variety of music and let the good times roll. Feeling adventurous? Plan some dance contests with small prizes (bottles of wine work well) and just dance away the night.

Adult Party Games - Want to create some real lasting and often amusing memories? Bring out some of those good old adult party games like charades, Name that Tune, or try something new like Celebrity  When you add in a few drinks and good friends, these games will often be super hilarious and trust us, you will want your phone handy to capture some of these moments. The best part about these games, they need minimal supplies and can all be done while still practicing social distancing. So go ahead and have a good time.

Yacht Party - Not feeling up to hosting a party this year? Why not round up some of your closest friends, rent a Yacht (or any type of boat will do) and enjoy the end of summer right on the water. Talk about an epic summer send-off, right? Capture those last few summer days in style— with a cocktail in hands. The only hard choice you will have is what beverage to place in Portovino :)

Summer is almost over (and yes we admit, we are quite sad) but before we welcome Pumpkin Spice season (ok that makes us happy too), enjoy one last summer fling. No matter how you choose to celebrate your Labor Day, be sure to grab your PortoVino Wine Purse and take the time to simply relax and enjoy. We hope you managed to have a wonderful summer because sweater weather and all things pumpkin awaits.


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