The Pink Wine Quick Guide

Stay pretty in pink! These pink wines aren’t just beautiful in appearance but also spectacular in taste. But wait, what are pink wines? Commonly known as rosé wines or sometimes blush wines, these downright appealing vinos traverse between the color tones of red and white. But don’t let the light hue fool you because these pinks could be powerful and sweet at the same time.

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Pink wines are extracted from black grapes with skins that are not entirely soak so that it do not fully turn red. Compared to the reds, the pinks are only fermented for a short time, normally just a couple of hours. Accordingly, the winemaker can easily manipulate the hue of the wine. Aside from the typical process, another method to create a pink wine is by adding a dash of red into the white. Simple, right? Hence, the level of sweetness and aroma varies depending on the length of fermentation or the amount of wine in maximal.

Delving Deeper into the Pinks

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Since there are different ways pink wines are made, there are also different pinks you should take into account. First, the pink moscato. These are pretty popular because of the sweetness; hence, these are great complement for heavy and aromatic meals. But still, you can pair them up to your favorite fruit desserts or even some popcorns.

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For extra refinement, you can have the rosé. Rosé wines are tagged as budget-friendly vinos with mouthwatering kick. The versatility of rosé wines makes it a fancy option for those looking for something lighter with a pint of dryness and aroma of red fruits. Pair these with some seafood, pizza or food with light red sauces.

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Last but definitely not the least, the white zinfandel. These light and refreshing wines ooze with berry madness making it popular among first time wine drinkers. The zinfandel is considered as the easiest to sip wines for beginners, and these are best matched with spicy cuisines.

What’s the right pink for you?

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Well, there are different pinks so as different taste buds. Don’t restrict yourself with just the brilliant reds or the classic whites. Go in between and you may fall in love deeply with the hint of red and white in glorious harmony.

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