Which PortoVino is best for you?

Finding the right purse is such a personal decision. It has to fit our personality, mood, and the occasion.  At PortoVino, we get that and we want your purse to make you feel special and amazing! So, whether you are treating yourself or the wine lovers in your life, we have the perfect wine bag for gals and guys. we thought we would break it down for you.  Below are the PortoVino Collections and characteristics of each to help you decide which PortoVino is best for you! Not that we would ever stop at one purse.

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The Canvas Beach Tote

This is a great casual tote bag.  Made of quality cotton-canvas, this tote is spacious enough to carry all your day out essentials including beach towels, sunscreen, laptops, and more.  This is the perfect tote for your daytime needs, or if you are going on a casual vacation.

Who:  Leisure Woman, Vacationing

Great for: Beach, Pool, Festivals, and Picnics

Drinks you may find in here: Lime Margarita

The City Tote

This is a great tote bag that has an urban chic look to it, and depending on the color, is great for day or night activities.  It’s spacious enough to carry everything you need, and is flexible enough to take you shopping in the daytime or to a restaurant meet-up with friends in the evening.  Great bag for Moms with kids of all ages.

Who:  Working Mom

Great for: Shopping, Spa day, Mom’s day out, or Casual night out

Drinks you may find in here: Pinot Noir or Juice for the kids


The Daypack

This is a great for all you outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.  The daypack is comfortable and has a lot of space and pockets for wherever your next adventure or athletic jaunt takes you.

Who: Athlete

Great for: Hiking, Biking, or Day out with friends

Drinks you may find in here: Gatorade or Pinot Grigio

PortoVino Daypack - Backpack


The Classic

A sophisticated, structured purse made of vegan leather.  This is a wonderful option for your dressier occasions. Whether it is a power lunch, business meeting, or a fancy night out, the PortoVino Classic will carry all your essentials and make you feel great.

Who:  Socialite

Great for: Daytime meetings and Evenings out

Drinks you may find in here: Cabernet Sauvignon


The Paris

This purse is all elegant with its pebble-textured vegan leather and various accents.  The rose-colored interior injects some serious fun into the design. The purse is very versatile as it is big enough for Mom to carry everything you can think of, but pretty enough that no one would know.  Super versatile

Who: Fashionista Mom

Great for: Day or Night 

Drinks you may find in here: Rose 



The Messenger

The messenger bag has a trendy, sophisticated, and rugged look. The brushed vegan leather look has a truly special feel to it.  It’s great for toting your laptop, notebooks, and any other must have items for your meeting.

Who: Trendy Woman

Great for: Day meetings, Work, Business, Trendy day out

Drinks you may find in here:Whiskey

The Tuscany Double Pour

The Tuscany tote bag is made of vegan leather and has a special dual pouring spout feature. This is great for hanging out with your friend who has a slightly different libation taste than you, or you can have fun mixing your drinks on the go.  It is designed as a taller bag to accommodate your laptop, notebooks, and journals so it is great for the office or the busy woman.

Who: Working Woman

Great for: Work, Meetings, Shopping, or a Day out with friends

Drinks you may find in here:  Merlot & Sauvignon blanc OR Jack & Coke

A purse needs to be both a fashion statement and a personal statement. Depending on the stage of life, there is a functional element.  What can we fit in our purse to organize our life?

The PortoVino party pouch can pour your wine on the go (up to 2 bottles), but it can also pour any (non-alcoholic included) beverage. We have our own ideas of how the PortoVino can be used, but we love it most when our customers let us know how they use their PortoVino! Here are some of our favorite ideas.

BLOG: https://porto-vino.com/blogs/portovino-blog/top-5-activities-to-use-your-portovino


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