Why Has My Wine Gone Bad?

Have you found yourself in that dreaded situation where you go to pour yourself a glass of wine, but the only bottle left has already been opened.  It’s that leftover bottle from dinner a few nights ago. In desperation, you ask yourself, how bad can it be and decide to try it.  Bad idea, it's beautiful burgundy color has slightly darkened and that once smooth taste has turned very acidic. This is a true sign of oxidation.  This is the same thing that happens when you see a cut apple or banana turn brown. So what can you do about it and find a handy guide on oxidation time by wine type?



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The truth of the matter, a little oxygen is good for wine.  We all know you are supposed to allow your red wine to breathe a bit before drinking.  From the moment a bottle is opened and is exposed to oxygen wine begins to break down, allowing the aromas in the wine to be identified.  This is a very good thing… but let it stay open overnight, and that delicious wine is starting to get that vinegary taste. So what is a girl to do?  The first thing you want to do is make sure you keep that bottle as airtight as possible. There are a lot of options out there, from the low-tech, low-cost vacuum stopper system to the premium Coravin wine preservation system that comes with a premium price.  By using something to keep the wine from being exposed to the air, you will extend the life of your bottle.  


PortoVino’s party pouches also prevent oxidation due to the air-tight nature of the pouch and its special exterior coating. Like boxed wine, the PortoVino party pouches can be filled and placed in a fridge for a couple of weeks and still taste perfect (I know from experience😛). Making it perfect for prefilling, and waiting for you when you are ready to go out with friends. Likewise, if you return home and have leftover wine in your pouch, you can place it in the fridge until you are ready to finish it. 

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Below is a great guide from Wine Folly on the various wines and the length of time it takes to oxidize.

PortoVino Blog - Wine Folly Oxidation Guide

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Hope that helps you keep your wine from turning into vinegar!

Enjoy & Cheers!


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