Wine and Veggies Combination

The wine pairing adventure is endless. And if you’re running out of new wine pairing ideas, it’s time to match your favorite wine with some fresh garden treats. For sure, you will be amazed with such unique combination that elevates the taste and texture that both produce. Vegetable dishes aren’t as rich as those meat-based dishes, but these are certainly healthy and complement well with some tasty wines. For now, forego the experimentation and try this unique veggie and wine pairing that is worth the chomp and the gulp.

Roasted Vegetables and Savory Red Wine

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Summer vegetables that are roasted and grilled bring out its natural caramelized sugar, giving it a very rich and almost meaty, with a hint of saccharine, depth. Hence, it can stand up to the boldest and savory red wines in your cabinets. These two complement each other so well that you might find yourself with a full and satisfied stomach after.

Lighter Veggies and Non-oaky White Wine

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This pea-radish salad speckled with celery and mint leaves is a perfect alternative for a fast food brunch. Aside from being a healthy option, this is seriously satisfying if paired with a glass of unoaked white wine. The spring salad beautifully harmonizes with the refreshing kick of the crisp white wine.

Mushroom and Light Red Wine

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For tasty and earthy vegetables like mushrooms and potatoes, they are best paired with white wines or light red wines like Pinot Noir. Such combinations are considered as one of the most satisfying wine and veggie combinations ever, especially if you add cream and cheese to the vegetable dish. The earthy flavors incorporate well with the right amount wine tannin.

Stuffed Pepper and Fruity Wine

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Since stuffed peppers already come with a spicy punch, the best wine to balance out the heat is those soft, fruity reds. Fruity red wines have less tannins that could intensity the hot flavor of the dish. With such pairing, you’ll probably fall in love with hot spices in a heartbeat.

Stir-Fried Veggies and Sparkling Wine

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Stir-fried vegetables are downright enticing, much more if paired with a glass of sparkling wine. Yes, the two are great texture pairing, with the vibrant and crisp veggies blending well with the bubbly and bright acidity of the sparkling wine. Don’t dare miss it!

Corn and Chardonnay

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Last but definitely not the least is the corn and Chardonnay combination. If you haven’t tried this one yet, you better prepare these ingredients ASAP. The sweetness and goodness of a fresh corn grilled or boiled to perfection is ideally paired with the oaky and buttery Chardonnay. By texture and by flavor, both are definitely a match made in the kitchen!


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